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Ezekhapul was 400,000 pounds when

Le 8 November 2017, 11:23 dans Humeurs 0

Ezekhapul was 400,000 pounds when he left the army five years ago, and after coming to Besiktas, the man played well and became the main player, and in five years he was already Siketas played 195 games in all competitions, scoring 27 goals and assists 44 times, with his excellent play in Besiktas Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey, he also selected the Turkish national team, and played for the national team 30 times, playing Into a ball Andre Benoit Jersey. Great story, as we know it. That day, Barcelona guest San Mames Stadium challenge Bilbao Athletics. At the end of the match, home-coach Louis Fernandez looked set to strangle the new assistant sitting next to Barcelona coach Bobby Robson Scott Harrington Jersey. Mourinho's insult was overdone Brandon Dubinsky Jersey, he gestured, his mouth tilted, and the result was encircled by a group of Basques. Only Luis Figo was there to support Mourinho until Bar?a Captain Guardiola appeared suddenly and stood in front of Fernandez. Guardiola did not use physical strength because there are other ways for people like him to resolve the dispute. He just easily play the power of individuality, use the power of eye contact, staring at the players in Bilbao, see who dare defy him, so escorted the Mourinho to the locker room. "His success hinges on purely personal charisma," Italian journalist Paul Condotto recalls in his book The Duelist. "There is no action, no threat, just his own leadership.

Mario outside the restricted area

Le 8 November 2017, 11:23 dans Humeurs 0

Mario outside the restricted area vigorously long-range, was the visiting team Zhongwei Bess blockage Matt Calvert Jersey, the ball bounced to the left before the bottom line, the ball back to the door after Barca, San Sone inside the ball hit the shot, 1-0. The first 76 minutes, Fornalos sent a long ball after the ball straight, San Sone inside the left wing with the ball, after two consecutive break into the restricted area Tuishe break, 2-0, substitute 12 minutes of the Italian arranged two ball. Yellow submarine nearly 5 wins 4 games, surpassing Sevilla rose to league 5, Malaga start 11 lost 9 games continue to bottom. Race to the first 56 minutes, Real Madrid access to positioning the ball, the restricted area was saved by the other goalkeeper, the ambush in the periphery Assencio toward the non-stop kick straight anger, the ball along the left foot of Assencio Kicked out of the direction of a very fast out of a straight line into the dead end goal. Asenxi Western-style wave of the world, the other goalkeeper flying but saved the ball can only sigh Joe Pendenza Jersey. Although Real Madrid had a penalty within the restricted area before the offside, but Assencio this shot shot is impeccable Markus Hannikainen Jersey. Messi than C Luo two years old Blue Jackets Jerseys, so in the first team career first-team time also behind C Lo, while career first team appearances are also behind C Luo. In the La Liga 11th round this season, Messi also ushered in his first team 600 milestone in the club, and in these 600 games, Messi scored a total of 523 goals and assists 234 times, averaging into 0.87 balls, averaging 0.39 assists.

46 minutes into the home team

Le 8 November 2017, 11:23 dans Humeurs 0

46 minutes into the home team even into the 3 ball, the first 12 minutes, Januzaj right-wing back knock, Odoriosola biography Zachary Werenski Jersey, a small restricted area before William Rousseau header scramble, 1-0. The first 27 minutes, Harvey - Prieto anti-offside success, broke into the restricted area right after the swept point, Januszhaly volley shot was shot by goalkeeper Dmitrovich, followed by Januzai shot in front of close range , 2-0, this is the former Manchester United Golden Boy La Liga career first goal. The first 46 minutes, Iliya Mendi sent a low ball after the straight Zhise, Oliasar anti-offside success, the restricted area right rib single-ball cool low shot break, 3-0. The first 72 minutes, Jose - Angel left cross Joonas Korpisalo Jersey, Haldane restricted area left chest chest lob vigorously shot a small angle, 3-1. Royal Society at home nearly 5 war first win Artemi Panarin Jersey, Ewald 7 consecutive victorious. This is Assencio's fourth league goal this season, with the subsequent goal lock lock Ischia together to maintain Real Madrid this season's league shooter king's title. In addition, count two goals Xicijiu Cup, Assencio scoring this season has been scored in the books, of which four goals are scored outside the restricted area, the data must top five leagues. The wave of the world has also become a symbol of individuals belonging to Assencio. Fortunately, this round of homecoming Real Madrid against the opponent is even worse Las Palmas, I met outside the Bernabeu team wearing a yellow jersey Rapa fans, when asked about their own team from Bernarda To the score when there is confidence, they have shook their heads: "Real Madrid's current situation is not good Cam Atkinson Jersey, but Rapa worse." Indeed, Lapa, who has undergone coaching change last month, has now won five straight games in the league, Deep into the relegation zone, as a zero radio reporter said: "Perhaps Real Madrid has not yet reached the crisis, but if tonight hit Lapa can not get three points, then the next day headlines will certainly be capitalized Written by CRISIS (Spanish "Crisis").

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